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A Balloon Ride

Last year my sister and I decided to give my Dad and his friend, Nancy, a hot air balloon ride for Christmas . They scheduled the ride for last Saturday and Riley and I woke up early to see them off . 

There were several other balloons taking off at the same time and the colors and patterns were so beautiful . 


Once they were airborne we mananged to keep them in our sights for quite a while as we drove back towards our house . They actually ended up landing (accidentally) in a field that is about a mile from our house . 

I was super excited about their landing because I pass this field every day on my way into town and I have been dying to stop and take pictures of the beautiful hay bales . While they worked to pack up the balloon, Riley and I had a blast running through the field . 

It was a great way to spend a Saturday . 



We had a birthday around here recently . Riley turned 5 this week and we had a great time celebrating . 

She chose to have a fairy garden birthday party and it could not have been a more fitting theme . Her friends wore their fairy wings and had fun running around the yard, playing on the swing, decorationg fairy wands and making their very own fairy gardens .


Just when I can't get over how big she is we go to the doctor for her 5 yr appt where he informs me that she is in the 12th percentile for weight . 12th percentile ?!?!?! She only weighs 34 lbs - we are NEVER going to get into that booster seat for the car . Oh, well. She still seems like a big girl to me ! Happy 5th birthday, Riley ! 



Obviously I haven't been blogging lately . Life has just been so full . Full of good stuff and, unfortunately, some not so good stuff. But since I am sure y'all don't come here to hear me complain about things such as a stomach bug that has hit each and every member of our household in the last 2 weeks, let's focus on the good stuff because there is lots of it . Here's what our last few weeks have looked like :

The kids are LOVING the pool this year .

They also love going for rides in the Wagoneer .

I can't get enough of these cheeks or these curls . I think I have had enough of the temper tantrums though. Lately when she is mad her favorite move is to whack my sunglasses off of my face while simultaneously pulling my hair . . . So it's a good thing that I am such a sucker for those cheeks and curls .

Riley graduated from preschool yesterday . Her class sang a bunch of really cute songs and then received their "diplomas" . She is starting to seem so grown up . She turns 5 in a few weeks, starts kindergarten in the Fall . . . it is all just happening way too fast . I am soaking up as much time with them as I can but I promise I'll be back soon ! 


A Nursery for my Niece

We spent last week in Connecticut getting to know our newest family member , my neice Sadie Grace . 

She is perfect in every way and we miss her so much already . Her mommy and daddy kindly asked for my help with her nursery . It was fun to see our plans come together in person . 

She was 8 days early so there are still a few details missing (artwork, accessories, etc.) but I think the room is so pretty and perfect for sweet little Sadie . I don't think I will ever get tired of designing nurseries !


A Day at the Races

Yesterday we attended the Foxfield Races in Charlottesville and had so much fun ! The races are held twice a year just down the road from our house .

It is basically an all day tailgate with 5 horse races and a Jack Russell Terrier race mixed in .

The fall races are more family oriented so they also have plenty of stuff for the kids . 

They even had pink chickens!

The races really are beautiful to watch  - such strength, speed and power .

(Obviously these pics are a bit blurry - I'm not sure if it is because they are moving so fast or if it is because the ground is shaking when they thunder past . )

This picture cracks me up !

The horse was so fast that by the time I got my camera up to my eye this was all I was able to capture ! 

Unfortunately the races ended on a bit of a sad note - one of the horses had a horrific fall during the last race right in front of us . Thankfully the jockey was okay but we are pretty sure the horse didn't make it . So sad ! I always DVR the Kentucky Derby for this very reason . If a horse gets hurt, I don't want to see it . Unfortunately there is nothing you can do when you are watching a live race .

Despite the tragic ending, the kids had a blast and we definitely plan to make this a yearly tradition ! Can you believe today is the first day of October ?!?


Catching Up

 Good morning ! How was your weekend ? Because I post so sporadically lately I feel like I am always playing catch up every time I write and I end up cramming a bunch of unrelated things into one big post . So please bear with me because this post will be no different :)  

We celebrated Paul's birthday yesterday . Men are so easy when it comes to their birthdays . Paul's only requests were good food, spending time with the girls and football . So we started things off with a big breakfast - bacon, eggs, pancakes, fruit, etc . 

Then we spent the afternoon running errands and finishing small projects around the house with the football games on in the background . Dinner was simple but so good and we were able to eat outside and enjoy the beautiful weather  . 

I didn't even have to make a cake . Paul's favorite dessert is brownies which are much easier to throw together. The girls helped blow out the candle and couldn't wait to dig in . 

It was a nice, relaxing day and we were happy to treat Paul with his favorite things . Hope you had a happy birthday, Paul !

As I mentioned the weather has been amazing lately so we are spending as much time as possible outside - eating meals, going to the park, etc . I took this picture of Riley and her friends, Jack and Mary Kate, running around while we were at dinner the other night . 

It was fun to see them rolling in the grass, digging in the dirt, looking at the stars,  getting yelled at for playing on the golf course (oops!) . . .

A few weeks ago I decided to set the girls up in the backyard to paint . All of my painting supplies are still packed away but I found their watercolors and bought a couple of canvases for them to work on . 

Hayes' masterpiece is below . 

She  seemed to be in a minimalist mood with her painting - probably because she was more interested in trying to eat the paintbrush than she was in painting with it . 

Riley was using all sorts of techniques and produced several paintings but this one is my favorite . 

It was a great way to spend the afternoon . Hopefully next time I can join in on the fun !

In other news, we are moving along on the kitchen updates . Hayes and I drove 2 hours each way last week to pick out the slabs for our new countertops . The decision only took about 10 minutes but it was worth it to see everything in person . Here is one of the slabs I picked .

I can not wait for it to be installed !



We travelled almost the entire month of March and a little bit in April too. I only pulled out my camera a few times but I finally downloaded my photos so I am just going to dump them all out in this post. On one of our trips, we had the opportunity to visit with our sweet nephews in Connecticut. Paul's brother and his wife are always the best hosts and we had such a great time making cookies, going to the museum and eating incredible meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our nephews are both within a 6 month range of our girls so it is fun to get the kids together and watch their interactions. Riley and Baird are so sweet together.

However, I am not sure if Garrett thinks Hayes is very sweet after she tried to gouge his eyes out a couple of times. 

I am sure he will get her back one of these days.

After Connecticut we spent a weekend in North Carolina visiting with my family. We have a family friend who is a firewoman in Carborro and she offered to give Riley a tour of the fire station. 


It was actually really fun for the adults too. Thanks for the tour, Christina! 

Now that we are back in town for a while I will hopefully have time to start some new projects to share with y'all soon. Have a great Monday!


Scenes from the Weekend


 Ours was great! How was yours?


Life Lately

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. Life has been super busy lately with Thanksgiving, 



Holiday parades,

decorating for Christmas,

and working on our Christmas cards (more on this later)!

We also started Hayes on solid food. She was definitely not impressed and actually seemed quite offended by the whole process.


Hopefully sweet potatoes will go down easier than rice cereal.

We have been fortunate enough to spend time with lots of friends and family over the last two weeks so the blog has taken a backseat to everything else. While I don't think this week is going to be any less crazy, I do have some recent finds to share with you. I came across this interesting fabric last week and I think it will be perfect for some throw pillows. 

I am also in negotiations to buy this Wassily chair I spied on Craigslist.

This chair is much more modern than anything else in my house but I love the lines and the worn-in leather so I decided to go for it. While I don't think it is an original Knoll, it is over 30 years old and has a vintage feel so I think I will be happy with it. I also found some other items at a local antique mall that I am thinking about purchasing to build my inventory. If I go through with it I will be sure to share them with y'all later this week!

I hope you all had a good weekend!


What a weekend

Last Friday was my birthday and we had plans to spend the weekend in NC. For my present, Paul took the day off on Thursday so we could leave early and stop at a few vintage/antique stores on our way down. We were pulling out of the driveway after loading up the 1,000,000,000,000 things you need when traveling wtih a newborn when Riley mentioned that her stomach hurt. Being Mother of the Year, I didn't really take her seriously because she had been complaining of a stomach ache off and on for almost a week and nothing ever came of it - no fever, no fatique, no obvious signs of stomach discomfort, etc. So, naturally, when we were probably 20 minutes from our house she started throwing up. And throwing up. And throwing up. It was terrible. She was so pitiful. We didn't know what to do...

Turn around and unpack the 1,000,000,000,000 things we had just loaded up knowing that we would just have to repack them the next morning when she would probably be feeling better???

Continue on and get there as quickly as possible so she could rest and hopefully recover???

Tell her to toughen up and drag her to the antique stores as planned??? (I mean, it was my birthday present afterall.) JUST KIDDING!

Obviously, antiquing was not going to happen but we were really torn about whether to turn around or not. After texting with my sister (She's back for a few weeks!!!!) we decided to continue on to NC and pray that no one else would catch the bug over the weekend. Luckily, this turned out to be the right decision. When we were about an hour away she was finally able to stop throwing up long enough to fall asleep and once she woke up she was back to normal for the most part. The resiliency of kids never ceases to amaze me. 

We took it easy the rest of the day because we had busy plans for the weekend. Friday started off with Biscuitville for breakfast,

followed by presents,  

and the Rockettes show at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

My dad bought us tickets for my birthday so we took Riley and had the best time! She loved every second of it and it is a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit. Friday evening was spent on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill which is one of my favorite places in the world. So many good (yet fuzzy) memories from my college days :) 

Saturday we went to the NC State vs Clemson football game. It was beautiful weather and the game was a huge upset which was exciting for the State fans in attendance. My dad and his friends are doing their best to turn my daughter into a wolfpack fan:

But I know she is a true Tarheel at heart!

Although the weekend got off to a rough start, it was still one of the best birthdays I've had in a while so thanks to all of you who helped me celebrate (in person or via calls/texts/emails)! Fingers crossed no one catches Riley's stomach bug!